Silanes Market to Witness a Healthy Growth during 2020-2030

Future Market Insights, an ESOMAR certified market research firm, opines that sales of silanes are anticipated to soar with their high usage as sealants, adhesives and protective coatings in the construction sector.

The market is also gaining traction with the use of silanes as process additives in the manufacture of PU foam for well insulated and energy efficient buildings. Sustained demand from the medical sector is also likely to drive growth through 2030, according to the latest study.

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Scoring high on the performance index, silanes have proven ideal for a range of medical applications. Silanes are increasingly being used in dental care, drug and transfusion delivery systems, prosthetics, cooling caps, breathing tubes and hearing aids. As key biomaterials, silanes are used in many pharmaceutical products as actives and excipients.

“The current pandemic has led to high manifestation of silanes in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector with pronounced usage in pacemakers and tubing applications. Demand growth in this sector is slated to be high in the near term”

Key Takeaways of Silanes Market Study

  • High growth of silanes is sustained in Asia Pacific which is slated to be a regional behemoth in the chemicals sector
  • Organo-functional silanes are set to capture substantial chunk of market value and have shown benefits in water scavenging, cross linking and adhesion promoting
  • The electronics sector is additionally set to offer lucrative market opportunities for silanes in electronics industry such as semi-conductor components, integrated circuits, computers, power electronics, LEDs and automotive electronics
  • The high utilization of silanes in green tires is set to improve automobile fuel efficiency by at least 4%-5%

R&D a Key Focus Area for Silanes Manufacturers

The competition landscape of silanes is characterized by a network of market behemoths who are continuously scaling up through innovative product launches. Many of the players are focusing on the diverse applications of silanes for a more balanced portfolio. For instance:

  • Silanes have found their way in a number of adhesive innovations. For instance 3M announced a new product for their commercial vehicles. CV90F belongs to the commercial vehicle tape family providing strength with a multi-purpose adhesive. This adhesive used in vehicle tapes keeps the surface smooth
  • Sikagard SN-40, a product by SIKA USA is a water-repelling silane sealer. It is specially formulated to provide a tough barrier against water entry in concrete

Market Set for Strong Recovery Post Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis has led to subdued demand for silanes in the near term. The institution of social distancing and regional lockdowns has crippled supply chains thus affecting demand and supply of silanes.

Raw material shortages are also impacting the manufacturing of silanes. On this premise, the market will contract substantially in 2020-2021. However, the market is slated for a quick recovery and will witness 1.5X growth in consumption over the forecast period.

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