Compost Turning Machine Market Is Projected To Reach Around US$ 150 Million Towards The End Of The Forecast Period 2018-2028

A new research report of Future Market Insights (FMI) tracks global compost turning machine market performance over 2018-2028 and analyzes the demand patterns of compost turning machine on the basis of various attributes such as product type, output capacity, end-use industries, and region.

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Drum type compost turner machine is likely to maintain a dominating market value share through 2028, as indicated by the report. However, elevating face type compost turner machine that currently accounts for more than a third of the total market value, is projected to gain significant traction in the years to come. The report has attributed this growth to manufacturers’ focus on developing new technologies for compost turning machines as per the demand from different countries.

Developed Regional Markets for Compost Turning Machine to Hold Noteworthy Revenue Shares:Compost turning machine market in fast progressing Asian countries such as India and China is also registering significant growth owing to stringent government regulations that are likely to promote the use of these equipment in food manufacturing plants.

Agriculture industry in North America and Western Europe is heavily mechanized and commercialized. While agriculture is a major industry in both Canada and the US, the former has been one of the largest agricultural exporters and producers around the world. Moreover, highly developed agricultural practices in North America will provide endless opportunities to compost turner machine manufacturers during the forecast period.

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The agricultural end use of compost turning machine is expected to be a highly influential segment in compost turning machine market, according to the report. FMI has attributed the maximum market value share of agricultural industry in compost turning machine market to the growing demand for compost for the maintenance of organic carbon content of soil, eventually improving the uptake of nutrients by soil. Also, these machines reduce the use of fuel consuming land preparation processes owing to improvement in soil health, further advocating the adoption of compost turning machines.

By Product Type

Drum (Compost Turning Machine), Elevating Face (Compost Turning Machine).

By Output Capacity

< 500 cubic meters per hour, 500 – 1000 cubic meter per hour, >1000 cubic meter per hour.

By End Use

Construction Industry (Compost Turning Machine), Agriculture Industry (Compost Turning Machine), Manufacturing Industry (Compost Turning Machine).

By Region

North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South East Asia & Pacific, China, India, Japan, Middle East and Africa.

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Amongst all product types, the elevating face segment is estimated to be a noteworthy segment in the compost turning machine market. The Elevating face type compost turning machine is an emerging technology in the compost turning machine market as it introduces a huge amount of oxygen into the compost.

The elevating face segment is thus anticipated to grow at a high CAGR during the projected period as compared to its counterparts. However, in the current market scenario, both in terms of value and volume, the drum type compost turning machine is estimated to remain the dominant type in the compost turning machine market over the forecast period.

Competitive Landscape

Some of the players profiled in the global compost turning machine market report include Terex Corporation, Vermeer Corporation, Eaggersman AG, Scarab International, Midwest Bio-Systems, Inc., Brown Bear Corporation, EarthSaver Equipment Inc., Komptech Group, Frontier Industrial Corporation, Alliance Fertilizer Machinery, HCL Machine Works, and Blue Group among others. Manufacturers are likely to maintain the focus on product technology innovations for sustained market value shares in the compost turning machine landscape.

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