Connected Game Console Market Size Global Key Findings, Industry Demand, Regional Analysis, Key Players Profiles, Future Prospects and Forecasts to 2020


Leading connected game console developers are investing in tech innovations for performance and aesthetic improvements in gaming experience. This is essential to sales after the end of the outbreak.

The connected game console market is expected to witness a short term downturn for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic. The crisis has resulted in major job cuts and consumer expenditure is likely to be focused towards essentials. Consequently, sales of connected game consoles will take a hit, next-gen variants in particular will be hit hard, depending on the duration and severity of the pandemic on the global economy.

The connected game console offer various features like downloading games directly from a library source, access a variety of applications, stream various media such as movies, music and other videos and play online games. Connected game console can be segmented into connected consoles and service.

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’“With the rise of disposable incomes, the growing sales of high-end display devices is a key factor bolstering adoption of connected game consoles. The market is also gaining traction with easier access and affordability of HDMI, HD display, and compatibility to wireless networks, helping market recovery after the end of the pandemic,” says the FMI analyst.

Connected Game Console Market

Connected Game Console – Primary Takeaways

  • Connected consoles are rapidly gaining traction, aided by frequent advancements in technology.
  • VR compatible connected game consoles are popular owing to novelty of the gaming experience.
  • North America is a leading the market for connected game consoles supported by higher disposable incomes and internet penetration.

Connected Game Console – Growth Factors

  • Growth in spending on games and gaming equipment is a critical factor supporting market growth.
  • Rapid growth in the penetration of broadband internet services generates key growth opportunities for connected game console manufacturers.
  • High investments for research and development efforts is essential to market developments.

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Connected Game Console – Major Constraints

  • High costs of purchasing new gaming consoles is the primary obstacle to adoption.
  • Rising competition from alternative gaming platforms including PC and mobile devices holds back market growth.

The Projected Impact of Coronavirus

Following the covid-19 outbreak, connected game console manufacturers have had to contend with tightening of budgets to sustain operations despite the sharp drop in sales during the crisis period. Some governments are pushing financial stimulus to the gaming sector which could help to partially alleviate the issues of the industry. However, the rapid advances in gaming tech and equipment will aid a strong recovery after the end of the current crisis.

Competition Landscape

The connected game console market comprises players including but not limited to NVIDIA Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Nintendo Co. Ltd., and Sony Corporation. Market players are reducing costs of older product offerings in addition to investments into tech development.

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Key Segments Covered

  • By connected game console 
    • Connected Console
      • Standalone Console
      • Handheld Console
    • Services
      • Prepaid Service
      • Other Direct Service

Key Regions/Countries Covered

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Asia-Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ)
  • Middle East & Africa
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